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Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages

Second Edition

Volume 1: Core Technologies

Chapter 9: Session Tracking

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  • Servlet that uses session tracking to keep per-client access counts. Also shows other info about the session.
  • Servlet that displays a list of items being ordered. Accumulates them in an ArrayList with no attempt at detecting repeated items. Uses OrderForm.html to collect data.
  • OrderForm.html. Front end to the ShowItems servlet.
  • Base class for pages showing catalog entries. Servlets that extend this class must specify the catalog entries that they are selling and the page title.
  • A specialization of the CatalogPage servlet that displays a page selling three famous kids-book series. Orders are sent to the OrderPage servlet.
  • A specialization of the CatalogPage servlet that displays a page selling two famous computer books. Orders are sent to the OrderPage servlet.
  • Servlet that records new item orders (if any) and then displays all items in the shopping cart.
  • Checkout.html. Page that handles the final checkout. We recommend you edit this before using it.
  • A shopping cart data structure used to track orders. The OrderPage servlet associates one of these carts with each user session.
  • Describes a catalog item for an online store. Elements of this class are indirectly stored in the ShoppingCart (after they are embedded within an ItemOrder).
  • Class that associates a catalog Iitem with a specific order by keeping track of the number ordered and the total price. Elements of this class are directly stored in the ShoppingCart (after each is populated with a CatalogItem).
  • A catalog that lists the items available in inventory.

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